An unforgettable horror game about returning home.

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domum screenshot
"Come Home."

A message from the dead, drawing you back to the last place you want to be.

So begins domum, a horror story about returning home.  Uncover the twisted secrets of a horrific childhood. Explore the past and the present of a decayed estate, the site of horrors beyond imagining through the eyes of a child and an adult.

Content Warning

This experience isn't for everyone. It contains mature themes, including violence against children and animals.

You have been warned.

"Choose Your Future."
Learn the unforgettable secrets locked inside this once beautiful place, determine the fate of those that tormented you, and experience horror with imagery you will never forget.
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"Let's Finish This."
Will you run and hide? Or will you face your past, punish your tormentors, and discover the truth behind your past?

Only you can decide.


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Statue Screenshot Domum
Graveyard Screenshot Together Domum
Screenshot Underneath Domum